Who Are We

    • We are a good few with excellent expertise. We love helping small/emerging clothing brands bring their dream designs to life at affordable prices. Our greatest joys come when our skills change the fortunes of the brands we work with.

    • We have three intelligent factories with a daily production capacity of tens of thousands of pieces.

    • We have self-developed 3D Digital Apparel Design Software、Customization Information Collection System、Flexible Manufacturing Control System、Automatic Quality Control System、Automatic Packing System、Automatic Warehouse Storage System. It can help small/emerging clothing brands turn their dream designs into reality more quickly.

    • Professional Design

      • We can implement design based on your sketch or your idea.

    • Clothing Style Customization

      • The design can be adjusted according to your needs.

    • Customized Color

      • Can choose the color you need for design printing.

    • Pattern material library

      • We have more than 100,000 high-definition pattern materials, which can provide you with choices.

    • Customized Fonts

      • 40 fonts are available, you can also design and customize according to your product.

    • Customized Logo

      • Can realize your logo sketch idea, and can provide simple background removal.

    • Customized Fabric

      • A variety of fabric material options, we can provide advice according to your needs.

    • Apparel Technology

      • We can provide production processes such as Screen Printing, Hot Press Printing, Embroidery, Silicone, Offset Printing, Digital Printing, etc.

    • Custom Accessories

      • You can custom band&cord, washing mark, label, zip, trade mark according to your needs.

    • We pursue the ultimate in every aspect

      • Contact Us-Confirm Design-Pay the Deposit-Sample Production-Delivery Sample-Confirm Sample-Bulk Production-QC Inspection-Product Package-Pay the Balance-Delivery Bulk-Order Finish


    If I order now, where you ship from?

    • At present, we send from our factory. So, before you place order, please send inquiry to us to get details.

    How long I get the feedback after I send inquiry?

    • Usually we will contact you within 6 hours after received your inquiry, except some special inquiry.

    Before I place a bulk order, how can I get a sample?

    • We can send the samples, will be ready for delivery in 7-10 days.

    How about Lead time for Bulk order?

    • It depends on the order quantity, it's about 7 to 20 days.

    Can you give me an estimate of shipping cost?

    • The shipping cost always depends on two things - weight and destination. Hence if you are ready with these two pieces of information, we can give you an estimated shipping cost.

    • However, please note that due to frequent change in rate of fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes; the shipping cost keeps varying time to time. Also, the estimated weight of consignment affects the actual shipping cost.

    • Hence it is not possible to give you exact shipping cost way prior to the time of shipment. In fact, to make it simple we quote ex-factory or FOB price (without freight). Once the consignment is ready, we negotiate with different carriers (DHL / UPS / FedEx Etc) and arrange the most cost effective as well as hassle-free door-step delivery for you anywhere in the world.

    What would be the cost of pattern making?

    • We are a Full Service Private Label Clothing Manufacturer. We provide costing for the complete making of given design including every single services / work we foresee to make that piece of garment. There are roughly 24 different kind of works / procedure which require to do, to produce a garment such as - pattern making, sourcing, grading, marking, cost of input material, washing, ironing, layering, buttoning, cutting, sewing, finishing, quality control, packing and so on.

    • Hence practically it is not possible to give you the detailing of each cost. Our production price will be inclusive of everything except shipping (ex-factory / FOB price). We send you "ready to sell" garment neatly packed in a transparent poly bag with your custom label, size label and tag. You can simply send it to your customer or put into your store to sell!

    How can I begin with you?

    • You're kindly requested to fill the contact us form as the STEP ONE. Once we receive your enquiry, our team will ​assess your given details and will contact you through email.

    Contact Information